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Keating picks up where free left off

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Forrest, MP MEDIAFederal M ember for M alice Phone:050-32.4510 Fax:050-32.9407A cting Shadow M inister for Schools,Vocational Education and Training19 January, 1996KEATING PICKS UP WHERE FREE LEFT OFFThe Prime Minister's address to the Australian Education Union (AEU) proved again that Labor will say and do anything, regardless of the truth, to cling to power.The Prime Minister's accusation that the Coalition would hand back education funding to the States shows just how out of touch he really is. In a speech to the National Industry Education Forum the Shadow Minister for Schools, Vocational Education and Training, Michael Ronaldson, clearly stated that "we will not hand education funding back to the States and we will ensure the Commonwealth continues to play a leading role in the funding o f the educational sector." But since when has Labor let the truth get in the way of public statements?The Government has desperately turned to scare tactics because they cannot run on their record. The Prime Minister took great pride in reciting his government's 'achievements' in education. Why didn't he tell his audience that under Labor policies; truancy has become a national problem, up to 25% of Australian students are battling literacy problems, as a proportion of the labour force apprenticeship and trainees are at their lowest point in a quarter of a century, Australia has one of the lowest rates of participation in secondary level vocational education in the OECD, and numerous surveys have found that teachers often feel the community holds them in low regard and does not understand the nature of their work.The schools and wider community know that any comments from the Prime Minister are as honest as his L-A-W tax cut promise. Try as he might, no amount of deceit by the Prime Minister will stop Australian voters judging him, and his Government, on their record when the time comes.For further information contact M ark Domitrak (06) 277 2114.COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY