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Casino inquiry - Democrat terms of reference

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Casino Inquiry - Democrat Terms of Reference Senator Sid Spindler The Australian Democrats

22 March 1996 - MEDIA RELEASE

The Australian Democrats today released their proposed Terms of Reference for the Casino Inquiry.

Ί would be moving the Democrats' resolution for the Casino Inquiry as soon as the Senate reconvenes, that is, on or after 30 April 1996," Law and Justice Spokesperson, Senator Sid Spindler said today.

"By far the best outcome would be for Mr Kennett to announce a Victorian Independent Judicial Inquiry into the processes used during the licensing of the Victorian Crown Casino - there would then be no need for a Senate Inquiry.

"Mr Kennett is asking for a mandate for yet another term of office but does not appear to be prepared to provide the Victorian Community with answers to the numerous questions raised about the probity of the process.

"Mr Kennett's arrogance is the direct result of the Victorian electoral system which gives Mr Kennett total control over both Houses of Parliament.

"The draft Terms of Reference for the Inquiry will be provided today to all other parties and independents in the Senate and I will, of course, be happy to accommodate their comments," Senator Spindler concluded.

For further information, contact Sid Spindler on [03] 9416 1880 or after hours on [03] 9859 5607.


Draft Casino Inquiry

TERMS OF REFERENCE for Resolution to be moved on or after 30 April 1996

That the following matters be referred to the Legal and Constitutional References Committee for inquiry and report by 19 June 1996.

1. The Supervision and establishment of, tendering for and licensing of legal casinos in Australia.

2. In its inquiry the Committee shall consider all relevant aspects of this issue, including but not limited to:

[a] the adequacy of existing controls; [b] the Corporations Law including the duties of company directors; [c] money laundering and the Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988; [d] foreign investment and Australia's overseas reputation;

[e] the need for uniform legislation to establish standards and procedures for the licensing of casinos.

3. Whether the process and procedures used in the granting of the licence to the Crown Casino consortium in Victoria demonstrates the need to amend or enact Commonwealth legislation in ; relation to any of the above.

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