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Job figures: young people lose

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Senator Natasha Stott Despoja Australian Democrats Senator for South Australia

T h u rsd ay 11th April____________MEDIA RELEASE

JOB FIGURES: YOUNG PEOPLE LOSE Today’s unemployment figures show that young Australians are the real losers under the new Coalition Government, according to Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, Australian Democrats* Employment Spokesperson.

Responding to the latest unemployment statistics of 8,5%, Senator Stott Despoja said, “The loss of 55,300 jobs shows that business confidence in the Coalition has been misplaced. The new Government has dragged its feet on job creation. They have done nothing to solve our unemployment crisis despite faith from big business.

“Shamefully, the number of young Australians looking for work, has risen from 26.4% to 27.5%. This alone exposes the Coalition's inaction.

“A disproportionate number of unemployed Australians are young people. Young Australians make up around 40% of the unemployed yet we have seen no commitment to job growth or to properly funded labour market programs.

“Instead Prime Minister Howard has come up with ways of attacking the unemployed such as the “Dob in a Dole Bludgcr" phone line and we now expect cuts to labour market programs and a welfare clampdown. The Democrats are not surprised that the Coalition have made no moves to implement their election promise o f a youth “Green Jobs” program.

“Prior to the election, the Coalition also promised an increase in the public service intake of young people. They supposedly lamented the lack of public sector job opportunities for under 25 year olds, yet they are now turning their backs on this

promise and young unemployed Australians.

“Hopes of a June jobs peak will be dashed if Howard’s hatchet hits the Australian Public Service. The Democrats will not support Howard in wielding the axe on public service jobs and we will lead the charge against proposals, like those of South Australian Premier, Mr Dean Brown, to slash the sector by up to 30,000.

“The downturn in employment growth is a clear indicator that job creation must be a priority for the new Government not axe-wielding and the persecution of young people", concluded Senator Stott Despoja.

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