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Pressure for disarmament

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Senator Meg Lees Australian Democrats Deputy Leader and Environment Spokesperson

July 9. 1996___________________ MEDIA RELEASE___________ _____ 96/391



IMMEDIATE nuclear disarmament must follow the International Court of Justice finding that nuclear weapons are generally contrary to international law. the Australian Democrats say.

‘The highest court in the world has spoken. The citizens of the world have spoken," Senator Lees said. The court finding gave impetus to protests against the presence of nuclear weapons.

‘While we are pleased with the finding, we must ensure nuclear powers dispose of their existing stockpiles and declare they never will use or test the weapons again,* Senator Lees said.

Senator Lees said it was disappointing the court found there could be use of nuclear weapons under extreme cases of self defence.

‘This leaves the door open for the existence of nuclear weapons,' Senator Lees said.

‘W e believe there is no room for nuclear weapons. They not only bring death and destruction, but leave generations to come with the horrific legacies of genetic deformity and defiled earth.'

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