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Parer condemns Australia to fossil fuel future

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Senator Meg Lees Australian Democrats Deputy Leader and Environment Spokesperson

December 18, 1996 MEDIA RELEASE 96/913

PARER CONDEMNS AUSTRALIA TO FOSSIL FUEL FUTURE RESOURCES and Energy Minister Warwick Parer today proved he did not know the meaning of the word “sustainable" as he again threw his support behind the harmful fossil fuel industries as the focus of Australia's energy needs, the Australian Democrats say.

The Democrats said Senator Parer’s mindboggling comments at today's release of the government’s Green Paper on a Sustainable Energy Policy for Australia were a major source of concern.

“Senator Parer once again proves he is incapable of looking past the short term dollar signs," Democrats Environment Spokesperson Senator Meg Lees said.

“This paper is supposed to be about sustainable energy and yet Senator Parer raves on about 'maximising returns from conventional energy sources’ and the importance of fossil fuels - like coal and oil - to our economy.

“Does Senator Parer have any idea what he is talking about? He makes no mention of the vital need to develop alternative, energy efficient technology but condemns Australia to a fossil fuel future. '

“Time and time again Senator Parer is showing us he and his government are puppets to the fossil fuel industries.

“We have no confidence in this government to produce anything which will move us towards an energy efficient lifestyle yet this is where jobs growth and technology exports are worldwide.

“Thanks to this government, Australia already is the laughing stock of the world when it comes to greenhouse and Senator Parer is ensuring we remain so.

“What other pre-Christmas nasties does this government have to offer?”

Senator Lees urged all concerned Australians to comment on the Green Paper (by January 31,1997).

To arrange comment contact Kelly Westell on (08) 8295 8911 or Senator Lees on 0148 804 505. COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRAR

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