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NFF wages government campaign

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JOHN WOODLEY Senator for Queensland

Λ 11 S T R Λ L I Λ N


MR 96/211 11/04/96


The Democrats today threw down the gauntlet to the National Fanners Federation, demanding th a t the NFF quantify the communication services benefits to farmers from the sale of Telstra.

“If the NFF can’t quantify the benefits of the Telstra side to farmers, then they should stop wasting farmers’ money on a politically motivated campaign,” said Democrats Rural Affairs spokesperson,

Senator John Woodley.

“I am disgusted with the NFF. During the election campaign and since, the NFF has shown th a t it is simply a lobbying agency for the Coalition."

“Frankly I am not surprised th at farmers keep ringing Democrat offices to offer their full support for keeping Telstra in the public’s hands."

“The NFF should be accountable to its members. Most farmers to whom I speak throughout Australia think th a t the NFF is a sick joke.”

“The' Democrats think th at Telstra is by no means a perfect organisation - it still has a fair way to go in improving services. However, since privatisation is most likely to lead to foreign ownership then we do not see how foreign-owned transnational

corporations are going to have the needs of Australians living in the bush at heart."

‘Honestly, I’m surprised th at the NFF didn’t realise long ago th at community well-being is rarely the goal of trans-national

corporations - their goal is maximising profits for the well-being of the very few."

For comment contact John Woodley 07. 3862 9255.