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A statement from Australian Democrats' Leader Senator Cheryl Kernot on the new Cabinet

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Senator Cheryl Kernot Australian Democrats Parliamentary Leader

8 March, 1996 MEDIA R E LE A SE 9 6 /1 7 0

A statement from Australian Democrats’ Leader Senator Cheryl Kernot on the new Cabinet:

“The Cabinet represents an intelligent balance of allocations. .

But the Democrats are curious to know what hitherto unrecognised special qualities and skills Senator Robert Hill has that makes John Howard think he can rely on to change the Democrats' principled opposition to the sale of Telstra.

Senator Hill is a very reasonable person who will be good news in the environment portfolio. ,

His first challenge will be to deliver the Coalition’s environment package. That means finding alternative funding options because Senator Hill will not be able to convince the Democrats to alter what is our firm policy principle of opposing the sale of publicly-owned national assets - like Telstra."


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