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Democrats to refer pollies super to Senator committee

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Senator Cheryl Kernot Australian Democrats Parliamentary Leader

19 August, 1996__________ MEDIA RELEASE___________________ 96/492


The Australian Democrats will refer the parliamentarians' superannuation scheme to a Senate Select committee for investigation.

Democrats' Leader Senator Cheryl Kernot today said there was a need for public debate on the entitlements parliamentarians receive in the form of superannuation.

She said: "The Democrats have been uneasy for some time about changes in the way career structures operate for parliamentarians: the fact that they leave younger, they go on to take other well-paid positions while in receipt of generous lump-sum super payouts and, in many cases a life-time pension as well.

"We've been concerned forsome time to do something about that."

The Democrats' Party Room today agreed to refer the matter to the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation. .

Senator Kernot said that if needed, as a result of the Committee findings, she would introduce a Private Senator's Bill to amend the current scheme.

She said parliamentarians should not be able to claim full superannuation entitlements until age 60.

"I don't think any members of the community - including parliamentarians - should be allowed to double-dip on super," she said. "Superannuation is income for retirement and should be taken for that purpose."

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