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Coalition Women's Forum "Opportunities and Choices"

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JUDI MOYLAN MP Shadow Minister for Small Business & Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Women's Affairs Member for Pearce M E D I A R E L E A S E





The Coalition's Women's Forum, "Opportunities and Choices" is to be held on Friday 23 June 1995 in the Theatre, Parliament House Canberra.

Professor Adrienne Clarke AO will open the Forum at 9.15 am, and the Leader o f tiie Opposition, the Hon John Howard MP, will address the Forum at 1.00 pm.

The attached program outlines the contribution of other speakers participating in the Forum.

For further information please contact: (06) 277 4928

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Coalition Women's Forum

"O p p ortu n ities a n d C hoices"

Friday 23 June 1995 Theatre, Parliament House, Canberra


8.15 am Registration

9.15 am Official Opening

Professor Adrienne Clarke AO - C h a irm a n , CSIRO B oard

9.30 am Family and Work

Chair: Senator Margaret Reid - D e p u ty P resident & C h a irm a n o f C om m ittees Mrs Carole Carroll

- N atio n al C o n v en o r, C hoice fo r Fam ilies Dr Heather Bartram - W o m en 's h e a lth specialist

10.20 am Equality, Equity & Security

Chair: Senator Amanda Vanstone - S h ad o w A ttorney G eneral Ms Audrey Kinnear - S enior Policy A dviser, C o m m unity

Services a n d H ealth , ATSIC Professor Trang Thomas - C h a irp e rso n , E thnic A ffairs C om m ission, V ictoria

11.05 am Morning tea

1 1 .2 0 a m R etirem ent & Superan nu ation .

Chair: Senator Kay Patterson P arliam en tary S ecretary to the S hadow M in ister fo r H ealth & -

H u m a n R esources M r Daryl Dixon - W rite r & su p e ra n n u a tio n co n su ltan t -

Ms Lynne Gallagher - M a n a g e r, G o v ern m en t A ffairs, AMP

1 2 .0 5 p m Lunch

1 .0 0 p m H on Joh n H o w a rd M P

- Leader of the Opposition

1 .3 5 p m E ducation, T ech n ology & W ork p lace M an a g em en t

Chair: Mr Peter Reith MP - S hadow M in ister fo r In d u strial R elations Ms Barbara Holmes

- M a n a g in g C onsultant, M a n a g in g W o rk a n d Fam ily A ustralia Professor Sue Serjeantson - D ire cto r, Institute o f A dvanced

Studies a n d D eputy V ice-C hancellor A ustralian N ational U niversity

2 .2 5 p m Looking Forward

Chair: Mrs Dianne Nesbitt P resident, W om en's Federal C ouncil N ational P arty o f A ustralia Mrs Chris McDiven - President, Federal W om en's

C om m ittee, Liberal P arty o f A ustralia Ms Sally Loane - S enior W rite r, Sydney M o rn in g H erald

3 .1 0 p m O fficia l C lose

M rsjudi Moylan MP - S h ad o w M in ister fo r Small Business S h ad o w M inister Assisting the L eader o n W om en's A ffairs



Coalition Women's Forum

Opportunities and Choices"

Friday 2 3 June 1995


Parliament House Canberra ACT