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Labor inaction sactions secondary boycotts

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Labor inaction sanctions secondary boycotts

Tomorrow’s five day national waterfront strike proved the federal Labor Government had totally gutted the secondary- buycoll provisions of the Industrial Relations Acl, the Shadow Minister for Primary Industry and Deputy National Party Leader, John Anderson, said today.

Mr Anderson said Industrial Relations Minister Laurie Brercton had not even shown the spine to condemn the maritime unions and call on them to ‘butt out’ o f the CRA dispute, let alone suggest any punitive action by the Government.

“Once again, Labor is dancing to the tunc of the union bosses.

“As a result, Australia’s waterfront will shut down for five days, disrupting more than $2050 million worth of trade and causing untold damage to our international reputation.

"Even if wheat and perishable goods are exempt from the stoppage, the cost to agriculture, while not immediately quantifiable, will be enormous.

"There will be demurrage costs resulting from ships being laid up, losses from deferred sales and from deferred production of commodities whfre storage is limited, such as coolstores and wheat storage facilities.” ‘

Mr Anderson said the Government was following a pattern of hypocrisy and pro-union intervention, to the enormous cost of meaningful labour market reform, increased competitiveness, reduced costs and better wages for workers.

“The truth is Labor doesn’t care about workers. It only cares about its union mates and trying to bolster the diminishing influence of the trade union movement.

“The Government is intervening in the CRA dispute in support of the unions, just as it did in the Australia Meat Holdings (AMII) enterprise bargaining case at Rockhampton.

“Any time there is the prospect of workplace reform being achieved that will bring real benefit to competitiveness and higher svages for workers. Labor and the union bosses move to block it.

“The bottom line is Labor always has been and still is in the pocket of the trade union heavies • they call the shots, Labor dances the tune · workers, workplace reform, the national - economy and Australia’s international reputation and national interest are the losers," Mr Anderson said.

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