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Lee betrays rural Australians

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MEDIA RELEASE BRUCE SCOTT, MP Federal Member for Maranoa Shadow Minister for Local Government Assistant Shadow Minister for Primary Industry & Rural Matters

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Communications Minister Michael Lee does not care about the interests o f rural and remote Australians, Bruce Scott said today.

M r Scott, Shadow Minister for Local Government and Assistant Shadow Minister for Primary Industry and Rural Matters, said he was angry and appalled that M r Lee has failed to honour his promise, made in February 1994, to initiate a review o f Australia Post delivery standards.

"There are currently 125,000 Australians who do not receive mail deliveries at all because o f their remote geographical location.

"There are also nearly 3,200 Australians who receive only one postal delivery a week.

"Mr Lee has the power, under the Australia Post legislation, to set improved performance standards for the frequency o f mail deliveries, and the Industry Commission has recommended in favour o f doing this. ยท

"However, M r Lee has said he will not even think about providing a better service for rural and remote Australians until after the House o f Representatives Standing Committee on Transport, Communications and Infrastructure has reviewed Australia Post's Community Service Obligations.

"But, despite promising this review thirteen months ago, this incompetent Minister has not bothered to ask the committee to do this work.

"Meanwhile, outback Australians are no closer to getting the decent mail service they deserve.

"While staff in the Department o f Communications know only too well how slowly their Minister gets through his paperwork, ordinary Australians are now being made to pay for M r Lee's tardiness.

"Australians living in rural and remote areas should not have to wait a moment longer for better mail services, and particularly not because a lazy and uninterested Federal Minister has other priorities.

"Mr Lee, get off your backside and get this process moving", M r Scott said.

M r Scott said that the Liberal and National Parties have promised to provide tw o mail deliveries a week for those Australians who currently receive only one weekly delivery.

He said that the Coalition on coming to office would also examine how best to meet the needs o f those households who currently receive no mail services.


27 March 1995

For further enquiries please contact Bruce Scott on (06) 277 2178 or AH (06) 285 2285.