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Government must cut red tape on international aviation

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Issued 14-4-92



If Tourism Minister Griffiths is serious about boosting international travel to Australia he should act immediately to cut red tape holding back the lucrative charter and scheduled aviation market.

This challenge came from David Jull, Shadow Minister for Tourism and Aviation, following the release of ABS figures for visitor arrivals for February.

"Mr Griffiths should heed the lessons from his own figures which point to a 147 percent increase in tourists from Taiwan.

"He correctly attributes this to the opening up of new air links to Taiwan.

"The simple question which now must be answered is this: Why is the Government being so slow in opening up the aviation market when its own figures point to increased tourist numbers from previously untapped markets?

"It took the Government months to approve Britannia's latest charter programme to bring tourists from Britain. There was no valid reason for this delay and it only diminishes

Australia's standing in the international tourist industry.

"There are operators willing to bring tourists from Europe and Asia already. Unfortunately, despite the Government's words, the red carpet is quickly rolled up and the door blocked by red tape.

"Charters tap new markets with tourists unlikely to take scheduled flights to Australia. However, they still spend approximately $2,500 on goods and services in this country. This is money we can ill-afford to lose.

"If Mr Griffiths wants to do something for the tourist

industry he should tell his colleague, Senator Collins the Aviation Minister, to cut the red tape delaying approvals.

"This Government must send a message to the world that it's serious about encouraging international visitors.

"Weeks after the One Nation statement on aviation, nothing would appear to have changed and total confusion reigns as to what Australia's Aviation Policy is really all about 1"

For further information contact David Jull (07) 343 8666.