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Chaney to retire at next election

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FRED CHANEY MP Member for Pearce Shadow Minister for Sustainable Development and the Environment



I have advised Dr Hewson that I will not be contesting the next election.

The decision is personal, not political.

1 have taken it because at age 50 and after 34 years in the Liberal Party and 18 years in Federal Parliament, including 14 on the front bench in Government and Opposition, I believe, it is time, for a break from the endless rigours of political office,

Unfortunately, in politics, sabbaticals are not available.

My judgement is that I either go now or lock myself into the first two terms of a Hewson Government.

Close relatives and friends agree with me that it is time for a change. I am looking forward to a return to a more normal life.

' As far as the politics is concerned, two years ago, John Hewson spoke of the need for generational change in politics. 1 publicly agreed with him then and the correctness of his diagnosis has been borne out by the success he has had in welding the opposition into an M-fective team and the new hope he has given Australia with his Fightback! package.

It was very tempting to remain and share in the victory which lies ahead and to work in the Hewson-Fischer Government to achieve the changes Australia desperately needs.

But 1 have made the decision and I am making it public now so that there will be adequate time for the Liberal Party to choose a new candidate for Pdarce in case this increasingly desperate Prime Minister calls an early post-Budget election.

Politically, and personally, the hardest part of the decision related to the Pearce electorate and the Liberal Party organisation which is so much part of the electorate. Both have been a pleasure and a privilege to serve and I am proud to be associated with them.


Until the election 1 will, as Member for Pearce, both represent the electorate and do everything ] can to ensure the election of the Hewson-led Government. It will be a vigorous and hard-fought campaign and I will work with my Liberal and National Party colleagues to get the Coalition elected.

In Fightback!, John Hewson has set out a major programme which will revitalise Australia and restore our confidence and prosperity. I am delighted he has asked me to continue to work with him on communicating the programme.

In my most recent job as spokesman on the environment I have been encouraged by the growing consensus that the pursuit of sustainable development is essential for Australia's environmental and economic future and the move by the Government towards a co-operative Federalist approach as represented by the Inter-Governmental Agreement on the Environment. This is a welcome step away from Labor's disgraceful politicisation of this issue. It remains to be seen whether it lasts.

1 particularly want to thank the Australian Conservation Foundation, the World Wide Fund for Nature and other conservation groups large and small for their advice and debate over the past two and a half years.

Finally, I want to thank all those people in the Liberal Party who have given me support over such a long time through their choice of me as a Senate candidate and, most particularly, to those dedicated and hard-working members in the electorate of Pearce who endorsed me to contest the first election for the new seat and whose support has never flagged over the past two and a half years.

PERTH 7 August 1992 Contact: Keith Kessell (09) 250 2533

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