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Australia being governed by politicians with card-sharpers mentality

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JULIAN BEALE, M.H.R. Federal Member for Bruce Shadow Minister for Privatisation


August 12, 1992


Australia is being governed by politicians with the mentality of card- sharpers, the Federal Member for Bruce and Shadow Minister for Privatisation, Julian Beale, told the "Privatisation in Australia- Policy Directions and Practical Issues" Conference at the Hotel InterĀ­

Continental in Sydney today.

For Keating and his mates everything is now reduced to a short-term deal.

The forthcoming Budget will be a series of temporary deals with the ACTU, the health unions, the public service unions, the welfare lobby and other interest groups.

The mess the Government has made over the privatisation of Qantas and Australian Airlines illustrates how short term and deal oriented Keating and his allies are.

Policy on the run has been replaced by policy at a gallop as the Prime Minister tries to stitch up deals with the three ALP faction leaders and their backers.

Keating has never stuck to a long term or medium term policy in his whole career.

The low inflation policy is an accident. The small Budget Deficit policy has been abandoned. The Accord has had more variations than J.S. Bach; and the privatisation programme is a series of sideways steps.

Privatisation and contracting out are sweeping the world and are now being pursued by at least 86 nations.

Australia is being left behind as our railways, our ports, our telecommunications system, our welfare service deliveries, our schools and our hospitals are still largely in the hands of Governments and the unions that control them.

Another six months of Keating is another six months of deals and policy lurches. Australia deserves better than to be led by card- sharpers . I-

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