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Labor's misinformation campaign turns to local government

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Labor’s Misinformation Campaign Turns to Local Government The Minister for Local Government, Mr Simmons, Is obviously next in the queue of Labor Ministers obliged to misinform about the Coalition's Fightback package.

In Parliament today, Mr Simmons resorted to some not very skilful old tricks to try to denigrate the Coalition's package.

Firstly he relied on a consultant's report on the GST that was prepared long before the details were announced - so that the consultant's report did not in any way take into account the positive effects of the Coalition's proposal to;

. abolish the huge amount of Fuel Excise and Payroll Tax which Councils now pay. . abolish the Training Guarantee Levy, the Award Superannuation Taxes and Customs Duties that impost on all Councils, . reduce input costs to all private businesses doing contract work for Councils or supplying

goods and services to Councils.

Secondly Mr Simmons quoted as authority for his statements the discredited figures put up by the very political ALP Mayor of Brisbane, and further elevated the unpublished flgurlngs of some ALP candidate thrown in as cannon fodder to oppose the Leader of the Opposition at the next election, as an authoritative statement on the effects of the Fightback package.

The Minister also chose to denigrate his own Treasury's analysis on the Fightback package which Indicate quite clearly that Industry costs would fall In;

. Water, Sewerage and Drainage - by some $97 million. . Public Administration - by $267 million.

Mr Simmons also chose to ignore comments by respected peak local Government Associations which Indicates that on balance, the zero-rated status of most Local Government activities will marginally benefit Local Government overall.

In fact the Coalition's Fightback package will slash personal income tax and business taxes.

General costs of living increases are in the range of 4.4% (3.6% on Treasury figures) and these calculations take into account the impact of the Fightback package on Local Government,

Of course that 4.4% increase in the cost of living will be more than offset for Australians by the cuts in taxes and the increase in Government pensions and allowances, which are ail part of the Fightback package. 6th May 1992 For further comment phone Senator Macdonald on (06) 277 3665

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