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SGL: Martin Ferguson is a very worried man

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John Hewson Leader of the Opposition M e d i a R e l e a s e

156/92 12 May 1992


Tonight, on the PM program, ACTU President Martin Ferguson said that he "lives in hope" for the safe passage of the SGL through the Senate.

The "ring of confidence" was lacking from Mr Ferguson's usual arrogant media appearances.

Clearly, the walls are closing in on the ACTU and the government over the SGL.

If the SGL is thrown out by the Senate, which is not only

justified but now appears more and more likely, not only will the government have no superannuation policy but the entire Accord process will be threatened.

No Accord - no super policy, no wages policy, no industrial relations policy. No wonder Mr Ferguson lives in hope!

Mr Ferguson's PM appearance also highlighted just how out of touch he and his union mates are with the wider Australian


Despite wave after wave of evidence given to the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation demonstrating how the SGL will mean job losses, increased prices, bad news for low income earners, part time and casual workers, especially women and great doubts over it's impact on national savings and reduced future age pension outlays, Mr Ferguson gave the impression that he has had

his head in a sandpit for the last few months.

It must be a very crowded sandpit what with Mr Keating, Mr Cole, Mr Kelty in there as well.

The best thing Mr Ferguson could do for the workers he supposedly represents is to drop the SGL.

If he doesn't, he will guarantee them either job losses or

reduced wages for the rest of the decade. It's a funny concept of success.

The SGL must got

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