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Coalition/ATIA joint committee established

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John Hewson Leader of the Opposition

177/92 29 May 1992


The Leader of the Opposition and the Chairman of the

Australian Tourism Industry Association, Sir Frank Moore, today announced the establishment of a joint committee to achieve the objective of maximising tourism growth for Australia during the remainder of the decade.

The Committee will be headed by Tourism and Aviation Shadow Minister, David Jull, and ATIA Chief Executive Officer, Peter 0'Clery, and will comprise key tourism industry members and the industry's advisers, Ernst & Young.

The task of the Committee will be to ensure that Australia receives maximum benefit from the Fightback1 tourism package which has a target of 10 million international visitors to Australia by the Year 2000.

The Coalition recognises tourism and hospitality as a leading force in the resurrection of the Australian economy.

Tourism and hospitality is now this country's major private sector employer and leading earner of foreign exchange, representing 10% of Australia's exports.

We are determined to ensure the tourism industry can meet its maximum potential and achieve a target of 10 million

international visitors by the Year 2000.

The Committee's task is to consult closely on reforms to:

. enhance the operations of the Australian Tourist

Commission, to ensure its funding, its charter and operations gain maximum benefits for Australia;

. ensure that taxation arrangements covering all aspects of the industry, from its export status to depreciation arrangements and investment incentives will be directed for maximum benefit;

. ensure company taxation arrangements will give real benefit to tourism and hospitality;


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. ensure that proper planning is in place so that Australia has the necessary infrastructure to handle the projected growth;

. ensure effective reform of industrial relations to provide the opportunity to abolish penalty rates and other loadings inappropriate to the tourist and

hospitality industries and to provide the framework within which employees and management can agree on wages and terms of employment appropriate to their enterprise;

. ensure that reform to aviation is directed towards increasing competition and reducing the. cost of air travel.

On the Coalition's policy projections of 10 million international visitors by the Year 2000, between 400-500,000 new jobs can be directly created, with a requirement for more than 350 new hotels and an expansion of both primary and

secondary industries to meet the demands of the industry's growth.

Virtually every industry is affected by the expenditure of tourism dollars.

Tourism and hospitality are at the forefront of the

Coalition's Fightback! policy - we must maximise that potential.

The establishment of the Coalition/ATIA Joint Committee will help to ensure that happens.