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Concessional citizenship fee for veterans

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TPS 3/92

2 September 1992


The fee to apply for citizenship for veterans receiving an age pension is now $20, Senator Michael Tate, the Minister Assisting the Minister for Immigration said t o d a y .

The reduction gives thesq, -veterans the same concession as people who receive a Department of Social Security age p e n s i o n . The normal fee is $50 per application.

"The reduction was a logical step to put an end to an anomalous

situation which had arisen accidentally," Senator Tate said.

"It was unreasonable that people receiving a pension from the Department of Veterans' Affairs on age grounds - essentially an alternative pension to the DSS age pension - should pay the full rate of $50". 1

The reduction took effect on 25 June 1992, the Minister said.

"It seems that some people may have missed the announcement of this concession made by my colleague, the Minister for Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs, Mr Hand on 10 J u n e .

"I hope this reminder will encourage eligible people who could not afford the full $50 fee to come forward and apply for

Australian citizenship".

For further information contact: Adrian Wild in Senator Tate's Office 06/2777260 or 002/349100 or Peter Sealy in the Department of Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs 06/2642115.