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New national committee on the advancement of university teaching

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H igher E ducation and E mployment S ervices

The Minister for Higher Education and Employment Services, Mr Peter Baldwin, announced today that applications are to be called for a new system of National Teaching Development Grants. Grants totalling

$4m will be made in 1993.

Mr Baldwin was speaking after attending the first meeting of the Committee on the Advancement of University Teaching (CAUT).

The Committee was established to foster and facilitate the promotion, development and recognition of good teaching practice in universities. In particular it will

advise Mr Baldwin on the allocation of the new grants.

However, it will also commission studies which will assist the Committee in pursuing its broader role. It will arrange for the promotion and dissemination of information on the projects and their outcomes through

the development of formal and informal networks and discussion forums.

Mr Baldwin said, "I consider the establishment of the Committee an important element of the Government's strategy to enhance the quality of teaching in the higher education system”.

"A key objective for CAUT is to raise not only learning about practical and innovative improvements in teaching, in particular courses but also, more generally, to raise the status of teaching as compared with research and to give recognition to current good practice.

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CAUT will be writing to university Vice-Chancellors and placing advertisements in the press next week inviting grant applications from practicising university teachers. More detailed information will be available subsequently.

CAUT is chaired by Dr Don Anderson, a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. A list of the Committee members and its terms of reference are attached.

Further information:

Committee for the Advancement of University Teaching Secretariat

Telephone No. (06) 276 7012 Facsimile No. (06) 276 7025

7 August 1992

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Against the background of the Government * s commitment to ensuring and, where possible, enhancing the quality of higher education, the Committee's objectives are to identify and promote good practice and to foster and facilitate innovation

in higher education teaching.

To ensure that these objectives are achieved in a balanced and coordinated manner and in accordance with Government higher education policies, the Committee will carry out its tasks in consultation with the Higher Education Council of the National Board of Employment, Education and Training (“HEC") and the Department of Employment, Education and Training ("DEBT") and

in accordance with such policy and operational guidelines as are determined by the Minister for Higher Education and Employment Services from time to time on the advice of the HEC,

The tasks of the Committee are:

1. to make recommendations to the Minister on awards from the National Teaching Development Grants Fund established for the funding of innovative teaching development projects under the provisions of the Higher Education Funding Act 1988;

2. to arrange for the publication of information on the outcomes of National Teaching Development Grants Fund projects and the dissemination of such information in the higher education sector in Australia;

3. to arrange for tne commissioning of projects on subjects identified by the committee and agreed by the Minister as having particular potential to improve the quality of teaching in all or part of the unified national system of higher education in Australia;

4. where the Committee considers it appropriate-establish a Technical Reference Panel, consisting of experts in the evaluation of grant applications and/or the drawing up of tender specifications, to assist the Committee in

carrying out tasks 1 and 3 above;

5. in co-operation with the HEC, higher education institutions, interested groups and individuals-to promote the development of formal and informal networks for quality teaching Issues, and participate in appropriate forums of discussion;

6. to present an annual report on the operations of the Committee to the Minister.

In carrying out these tasks the Committee must have regard to relevant developments in overseas higher education systems and in the Australian school, t a p e and training sectors.


Chair Dr Don Anderson visiting Fellow, Australian National university


Dr Caryl Cresswell Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Adelaide U n i v e r s i t y

Dr Michael Jackson Associate Professor, Department of Government, Sydney University

Professor Jillian Mating Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Vioe-Chance1lor, University of Western Sydney Nepean

Ms Dagmar Schmid maier General Manager, open Training & Education Network, NSW TAPE Commission

Professor J C Taylor Head, Distance Education Centre, University of Southern Queensland

Professor Faith Trent Dean of Academic & Student Affairs, Flinders University of South Australia

Professor Roy Webb Vice-Chancellor, Griffith University

Mr Tony White President, National Union of Students

Dr Bill Wignall Senior Lecturer, School of Physics, University of Melbourne

Ms Di Zetlin President, Federation of Australian University staff Associations