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National estate grants for South Australia

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Joint Media Release by the Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories, ' Mrs Ros Kelly and the South Australian M inister for Environment and Planning, the Hon. Susan Lenehan

The Umoona Community Council has been granted $35 000 under the National Estate Grants Program (NEGP) to gather oral cultural histories of the Aboriginal people of Coober Pedy.

The grant is one of 32 made to South Australia for 1991-92. This financial year each State w ill receive $618 666 under the NEGP. The Northern Territory w ill receive $298 000 and the Australian Capital Territory $105 000.

Students from the Coober Pedy Area School and Aboriginal TAPE students w ill assist in collecting the information and the student projects w ill later be available for community use.

The Umoona Community Council initiated the research project because it was concerned at the disappearance of information on their culture and history. People from a number of language groups w ith a range of life experiences now live in the Coober Pedy region and they are regarded as a valuable historical resource.

The Ngarrindjen Lands and Progress Association has been granted $25 000 for conservation and reconstruction of the important Needles Homestead, which it leases and manages. The project w ill provide training for Aboriginal people in the conservation of historic buildings.

The homestead was an early Aboriginal-built ration depot which became an . Aboriginal-run farm. It is used by Camp Corong to interpret the Aboriginal history of the area.

The buildings are significant as part of the history of early Aboriginal / European relations in South Australia. Originally the buildings were used as the Point McLeay Mission outstation.

The Aboriginal Heritage Branch of the Department of Environment and Planning has been granted $18 250 to study sites of archaeological, historical and mythological significance in the Ydlabinna Reserve. __„,·· ι·Î¼ «nwi-i"' I COMMONWEALTH



The reserve covers the south-eastern part of the Great Victoria Desert. Its remoteness and relatively undisturbed condition have led to its being recognised as a prime wilderness area which includes a variety of Aboriginal sites. Many of these sites remain in almost pristine condition.

The Aboriginal Heritage Branch has also been granted $29 750 towards preparing a management plan for the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park, which comprises the Devon Downs site.

The site comprises four rock shelters with stratified deposits, a midden, a surface archeological site and four scarred trees. Large numbers of visitors visit are causing damage to the site, which has major scientific and cultural significance.

The National Parks and W ildlife Service, the local council and local Aboriginal communities were consulted in the project after the Mannum Aboriginal Progress Committee criticised the damage occurring at the site.

The Conservation Council of South Australia has been granted $10 200 to provide information to schools and community groups on the heritage values of · the Lake Eyre Basin.

Aboriginal people from the basin have been consulted on its cultural and natural heritage values. It is hoped the project w ill draw support from community groups for conservation initiatives in the basin.

The State Heritage Branch of the Department of Environment and Planning has been granted $10 780 to secure the walls and roof of the Cordillo Downs Woolshed damaged during a recent storm.

Built in 1881, the woolshed is unique for its size and type of construction, which minimises roof timbers and is strengthened by arched, rivetted, corrugated iron sheets.

The Corporation of the City of Adelaide has been granted $10 000 as the first stage of a project to repair the main facade of West's Coffee Palace. The building is regarded as a significant example of commercial expansion at the time of Federation and as an example of coffee palaces.

The National Parks and W ildlife Service has been granted $45 000 to survey threatened plant species in its reserves and the Environment Division of the Department of Environment and Planning has been granted $11 200 to study red gum dieback in the Flinders Ranges.

Under the NEGP, funding is provided to State government, local government authorities and non-government groups. A list of South Australian projects is attached. For further information contact: . Jim Keenan (Australian Heritage Commission) on (06) 271 2151; or

. Susan Barker (Dept of Environment & Planning) on (08) 216 7706.


N O N -G O V E R N M E N T P R O J E C T S

1. Rock Art Recording Programme $9040: Complete an inventory of

(Margaret Nobbs : sponsored by the Aboriginal engravings in the Department o f Environment & Olary Uplands. Major rock art Planning) sites will be surveyed,

1991-92 $9040 photographed and documented.

2. Coober Pedy Oral History Project $34 480: Collect information on

(Umoona Community Council) the culture and history of Coober 1991- 92 $26 480 Pedy Aboriginal Community and

1992- 93 $8000 utilize this information to develop

resources for public use.

3. Needles Homestead Reconstruction $24 630: Urgent repairs to and & Conservation stabilisation of buildings

. (Ngarrindjeri Lands & Progress collectively known as the

Assoc Inc) "Needles Homestead", which is

1991- 92 $20 000 leased and managed by a local

1992- 93 $4630 Aboriginal organisation.

4. Protection of Geological Sites Booklet $5500: Produce an illustrated text (Geological Society of Aust. - SA in preparation for the printing of a Division) booklet to promote a better

1991-92 $5500 understanding of the significance

and value of geological sites.

5. Integrity of Natural Heritage $28 320: Compile a report on the

Vegetation in Southern Arid Zone heritage potential of arid zone of SA vegetation and establish land

(Dr. R. Lange: sponsored by the management policies. The . Department o f Lands) project will further documentation

1991- 92 $16 000 of arid land ecosystems and

1992- 93 $8000 identify areas for listing on the

1993- 94 $4320 . National Estate Register.

6. Management of Threatened Plant $27 580: Locate and map

Species in SA's NPWS reserves. populations of nationally (Richard Jean-Pierre Davies: threatened plant species in sponsored by Adelaide Botanic NPW S reserves and in Gardens) ‘ consultation with Managers

1991- 92 $20 000 implement action plans for

1992- 93 $5000 protection and management of

1993- 94 $2580 such populations.










Vertebrate Data Base for SA's National Estate Areas. (Nature Conservation Society of SA Inc.) 19 91- 92 $16 000

1992- 93 $3700

Lake Eyre Basin Community Education Package (Conservation Council of SA) 1 9 9 2 - 93 $12 100

1993- 94 $8000

Radio/Cassette Series on SA's Significant Historical Places (Radio 5UV) 1991-92 $14 800

National Trust of SA Nature Reserves Assessment (National Trust of SA)

1991-92 $17 730

Sampsons Butchershop Structural Stabilisation (National Trust of SA) 1991-92 $19 700

Hughes Pumphouse Stabilisation, Moonta (National Trust of SA) 19 91- 92 $22 000

19 92- 93 $7 550

Heritage Adviser (National Trust of SA) 19 91- 92 $26 640

1992- 93 $7760 1993- 94 $5000


Regional Environmental Study (CC Happy Valley; CC Mitcham; D C Stirling) 1991-92 $16 760

$19 700: Integrate and update J the National Estate Database for SA and prioritise areas for future vertebrate surveys within

National Estate locations.

$20 100: Prepare an educational package to enhance community awareness of the heritage values of Lake Eyre Basin and thereby encourage community support for

conservation initiatives in the basin.

$14 800: Produce a radio/cassette series on some of SA's most culturally significant heritage places for distribution as an educational resource.

$17 730: Assessment of SA National Trust Nature Reserves - collect relevant data for management guidelines and

nominate areas for the Register.

$19 700: Stabilise and conserve this historic site by undertaking major urgent structural work to the building. -

$29 550: Continuation of reconstruction and stabilisation works required to preserve the mine shaft and stabilise adjacent grounds.

$39 400: Continuing support for the engagement of a Heritage Adviser to improve property management standards, educate

members and the public about ' heritage conservation issues.

$16 760: Document the conservation value of remnant vegetation within the study area, on both private and public land and nominate significant areas for the Register.










Botanic Chambers Conservation (CC Adelaide) 1991-92 $9900

Wests Coffee Palace Conservation (CC Adelaide) 1991-92 $9900

East Torrens Area Heritage Study (DC East Torrens) 1991-92 $ 1 6 760

Naradoorte Council Chambers and Office Renovations (DC Naracoorte) 1991- 92 $ 1 7 000

1992- 93 $7630

Gumeracha Area Heritage Study (DC Gumeracha) 1991-92 $16 760

Restoration of Semaphore Timeball Tower - Stage II (CC Pt Adelaide) 1991-92 $9900

$9900: Repair damage to deteriorated building facades of . the Botanic Chambers to ensure the preservation of this building.

$9900: Repair works required to protect building from further weather damage and decay.

$16 760: Identify and document significant heritage areas and buildings which should be conserved, and thereby nominate places for inclusion in both the State and National Registers.

$24 630: Restoration and preservation works required as per Conservation Plan, March 1991 to ensure the retention of the building.

$16 760: Identify and document significant heritage areas and buildings which should be conserved and thereby nominate places for inclusion in both the State and National Registers.

$9900: Continuation of .

preservation and restoration- . works needed to conserve this historically and environmentally significant structure.


Yellabinna Aboriginal Site Survey (Department o f Environment & Planning) ‘ ,

1991-92 $9900

Devon Downs Site Conservation Project (Department o f Environment & Planning) 1991- 92 $20 000 .

1992- 93 $5000 1993- 94 $4300

$9900: Record and document sites of archaeological, historical and mythological significance to Aboriginal people within the Yellabinna Regional Reserve.

$29 300: Prepare a management plan for Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park (which comprises the Devon Downs site) and then implement conservation and interpretation measures.

2 3 . Site Conservation Strategy for SA (Department of Environment & Planning) 1 9 9 1 - 92 $12 000

1992- 93 $2800

$14 800: Review conservation * strategies for Aboriginal sites and develop a program for systematic protection of those sites.

24. Gawler Ranges to Lake Torrens Aboriginal Heritage Survey (Department o f Environment & Planning)

1 9 9 1 - 92 $20 000

1992- 93 $6000 1993- 94 $3550

$29 550: Research and document Aboriginal archaeological sites and compile a regional database for land management and site conservation purposes.

25. Adelaide Region & Kangaroo Island Aboriginal Archaeology (Department of Environment & Planning)

19 9 1 - 92 $12 000 1992- 93 $2800

$14 800: Document and interpret major sites in the Adelaide region (particularly along the coastal fringe) and develop a regional database for land management and site conservation purposes.

26. Regional Management Plan for National Estate Areas (Woods & Forests Department) 1991-92 $9900

27. Causes and Management of River Redgum Dieback (Department of Environment & Planning) 1991-92 $11 070

$9900: Prepare management plans and collate relevant data on remnant vegetation in selected sites which will assist in the conservation of endangered

and vulnerable species.

$11 070: Determine the causes and severity of Redgum death and dieback and detail some preliminary strategies for land

management options.

28. Conservation Status of Major Plant Associations in SA (Department of Environment & Planning)

19 91- 92 $12 000 1992- 93 $3980

$15 980: Revise and update the conservation status of plant associations in SA and produce an up-to-date listing for major designated Conservation


29. Habitat Management Guidelines for the Upper South East (Department o f Environment & Planning)

1991- 92 $20 000 1992- 93 $4630

$24 630: Prepare management guidelines relating to Heritage Agreement areas in the Upper South East, and where appropriate recommend

nominations for the Register of the National Estate.

i t '

30. Cordillo Downs Woolshed Repairs (Department of Environment & Planning) 1992-93 $10 660

$10 660: Stabilize and secure the building to prevent further damage and decay until full restoration can be undertaken in the future. ,

31. Heritage Advisory Service for SA (Department of Environment & Planning) 1991- 92 $25 624 1992- 93 $17 760 1993- 94 $8916

$52 300: Provide professional advice to Local Government, owners and managers of National Estate properties.

Improve public awareness about heritage conservation.

32. Program Supervision & Services (Department of Environment & • Planning)

1991-92 $636

$636: Minor administration costs associated with program implementation.

Additional Projects resulting from reallocation of funds from previous years ' ' ■ · ‘ ' . ' ' ' , N

31. Heritage Advisory Service for SA $6800 additional amount to

(Department of Environment & above project ~

Planning) 1991-92 $6800

33. Heritage Watch

(National Trust of SA) $1991-92 $16 760

$16 760: Program designed to assist local communities in·, identifying, protecting and managing heritage by organising workshops, educational packages and providing professional advice.