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Environment funding for ecologically sustainable development

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Ros Kelly


The Government has emphasised the importance of ecological sustainability by allocating over $15 million in 1992-93 to address key environmental concerns.

Mrs Ros Kelly, the Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories, today gave details, relevant to her portfolio, on the Government's initial response to the recommendations of the Ecologically Sustainable Development

(BSD) Working Groups.

"One of the major initiatives announced was a three year extension for funding of scientific research into climate change of nearly $6 million per year from June 1993."

"$4 million will be provided to continue climate change information programs, studies on the impacts of climate change, development of improved environmental technologies and development of other measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Mrs Kelly said. .

Mrs Kelly also noted the importance of environmental information for moving Australia towards ecological sustainability. "Accordingly the Government will-be providing $2.4 million for the Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN)."

"Forest conservation will receive $1 million for work associated with a National Forest Policy Statement. The Commonwealth will assist the States and Territories to undertake surveys of forests for old growth and wilderness values, and to protect these values through a representative

network of reserves and regional management plans," Mrs Kelly said.

"Other environmental research to be funded under this package of initiatives includes:

. marine and coastal research such as the effects of fishing and Crown of Thorns Starfish in the Great Barrier Reef, and development of a national representative system of marine protected areas; . the application of the OECD work on the integration of

environment and economics to the Australian context; . monitoring and reviewing progress of environmental objectives in the context of BSD and the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED);"

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18 August 1992

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