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Collaboration to increase access to healthy food

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Minister for Aged, Family and Health Services Hon. Peter Staples M.P.

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The Federal Minister for Aged, Family and Community Services, Peter Staples, announced today he had approved a grant of $52,759 for the development of local government initiatives to improve access to nutritious food at a local level.

"The Federal funding goes to the Local Government Association of Queensland to document the food, nutrition and health situation in a local government area and prepare a plan of activities to tackle problems identified," Mr Staples said.

"This project aims to address key issues associated with the role of local government in planning for optimal nutrition outcomes.

"Clearly local government has a pivotal role in identifying barriers to access nutritious foods at a local level."

Mr Staples said the project would be a collaborate effort of the Local Government Association of Queensland and the Nutrition Program of the University of Queensland.

"It will include the ways in which food and nutrition issues can be integrated into local government planning and, where indicated, set up demonstration projects to improve the situation," he said.

"Subject to Council approval, these activities will concentrate on Moreton Shire in south-east Queensland."

Mr Staples said Moreton Shire was growing rapidly and had a broad range of socio-economic and cultural groups.

"As such, it is an ideal location to identify the ways in which food and nutrition issues can be addressed by local government planning."

Mr Staples said that, in the long term, this would help reduce the cost of diet-related illness in Australia, which is currently estimated at $2 billion a year.

The project is funded under the Federal Government's National Health Advancement Program, which aims to improve the health of all Australians and - through the promotion of health and the prevention of illness, disability and premature death - to reduce differences in health status between social groups.

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