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Science and technology have minor win

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P A R L I A M E N T O F A U S T R A L I A · T H E S E N A T E


. Australian Democrat Senator for New South Wales .

MEDIA RELEASE 19 August 1992


"The Government's Science and Technology White Paper is to be welcomed, but it contains very few surprises or little that is new" said Senator Karin Sowada, Australian Democrats Spokesperson for Science.

"Many of the initiatives had already been announced in One Nation.

"However, it is pleasing to see the Government taking a broad view which co­ ordinates scientific and technological activity across a range of portfolios and disciplines.

"The Australian Democrats fully support the retention of the R&D tax concession at 150 per cent. We are pleased the Government has seen sense, on this and revised its previously stated position.

"The Democrats also support the waiving of the $10 million limit for expenditure on pilot plants.

"Although we support the increase in funding to the CSIRO for the next two years we are very concerned at the long term prospects. Funding will fail by $52 million in 1994-95.

"Without supporting the establishment of a new nuclear reactor, the Democrats support a public inquiry into this matter and urge the Government to ensure its independence along with broad terms of reference.

"Industry involvement in R&D is important but we fear that the measures proposed are insufficient to adequately commercialise research activities. Further amendments must be made to the Pooled Development Funds Scheme to enable it to provide seed capital for new innovative business ventures.

"We fear the measures announced will not adequately deal with this important issue. - ’

"Industry collaboration in research is vital, but we must not lose sight of the importance of basic research which is often at the cutting edge of new discoveries and knowledge.

"Research has not just an economic value, but also extends the bounds of knowledge. This must not be forgotten in the quest to show economic advantage for the research dollar."

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