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Government duplicity of the worst kind

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SENATOR KARIN SOWADA Australian Democrat Senator for New South Wales '

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October 15,1992.


"Students already have mortgage-like debts under the present Government let alone under a Coalition Government", according to Senator Karin Sowada,. Australian Democrats Education Spokesperson.

Senator Sowada, debating the issue of post graduate fees in the Senate today, countered Minister Baldwin's response to a Dorothy Dix question in Parliament saying:

"Post graduate students are currently paying fees as high as $32,000 and the Government has the audacity to claim that students would only incur such debt under a Coalition Government.

"This Government purports to support access and equity provisions in our higher ' education system yet evidence shows that the fees in post graduate courses are working against gender equity and discriminate against lower socio-economic groups.

"The majority of students undertaking fee courses are single, young males without dependents.

"Some post graduate courses involve a year of compulsory full time enrolment which precludes students from full time employment and often results in severe financial hardship. .

"The regressive education policies in Fightback! would allow institutions to charge upfront and full fees and introduce a discriminatory voucher system.

"The Coalition seeks to entrench a user-pays education system that has been introduced incrementally by the present Government.

"If the Minister sees a correlation between Dr Kemp's crazed utterances and the phases of the moon then he should examine his Government's own blood sucking revenue raising methods in education", concluded Senator Sowada.

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