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Unemployment figures "a national disgrace"

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MEDIA RELEASE Deputy Leader, Australian Democrats Senator Meg Lees

Thursday, March 12, 1992 Ϊ 2 / / 3 3


Australian Democrat Employment spokesperson, Senator Meg Lees, has described the latest national employment statistics as "a national disgrace".

And she has called for a radical re-thinking of how we are running our economy, with an overhaul of trade and industry policies going much further than that outlined in Prime Minister Keating's One Nation document.

Senator Lees said that while there was no "magic" way to create 907,000 jobs immediately, it was absolutely ludicrous for us to go on cutting tariffs without industry reconstruction plans and while the rest of the world did nothing in return.

"It is time we recognised that the people advising this Government and the Opposition have absolutely no idea of how the real world operates," Senator Lees said.

"They are the proverbial economic fairies at the bottom of Australia's garden.

"The 'level playing field' continues to be a ’level killing field' for ordinary Australians, and for young Australians in particular.

"It is time for us to take a good hard look at the direction we are taking, to recognise that we have been highjacked by neo-classical zealots peddling theories which do not work in practice, and to learn some lessons from countries that are doing a whole lot better than us."

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