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Opposition floundering, breached decency standards

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Senator John Coulter NEWS Australian Democrats Leader R E L E A S E

92/ 27 May 1992

Opposition floundering, breached decency standards

The Australian Democrats' position on a Senate inquiry into the so called Marshall Islands affair has not changed.

Leader Senator John Coulter said: "I am unconvinced of the need for an inquiry but will consider further evidence should it emerge."

He said the Minister for Foreign Affairs' answers in Question Time today and over the past few weeks had been consistent and proper for the questions he was asked.

He said the Opposition was floundering and criticised Senator Bishop for breaching decency standards within the chamber.

Senator Coulter said it appeared Senator Bishop had information on May 7 that she regarded as important but failed to place it before the Senate.

"Rather than including it as a preamble to a question she used it in an attempt to trap the Minister," Senator Coulter said.

"Why didn't she release it rather than using it in an attempt to take another scalp?" he said.

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