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Democrats defend recycled paper industry

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SENATOR ROBERT BELL Australian Democrat Senator for Tasmania

9 / f / n DEMOCRATS DEFEND RECYCLED PAPER INDUSTRY The proposal to remove recycled paper's 20%sales tax exemption has been defeated by the Australian Democrats.

Democrat Senator Robert Bell, who has persistently praised the virtues of recycled paper, said from Canberra today that the Democrats were particularly proud of this victory. "It just goes to show what can be done when an issue is pursued with consistent vigour", said Senator Bell.

"The threat to the recycling industry was real and immediate, and in the absence of any action by the Coalition, the only defenders of this expanding Australian industry were the Democrats.

"We recognise the employment and economic gains to the community provided by the industry. The environmental benefits are obvious to all.

"It is crucial that the industry be assisted in its initial years because its unique nature requires extra investment in the infrastructures of collection, processing and marketing. Now that those infrastructures have been developed, it would be economic madness to alter tax policy to force the industry into decline. That mistake was made in the early seventies when many of us were first convinced of the value of recycling.

"We were determined not to let the initial efforts be wasted again!

"Now that we have convinced the government on these matters, I believe that the future of the paper recycling industry is assured." concluded Senator Bell

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