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Poles apart/ Paul departs

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Peter Reith


The next instalment in Labor's scare campaign against Fightback! has now been released in the form of "Poles Apart".

However, this document is simply another chapter in the saga which will end at the next election - namely "Paul Departs".

The five chapters on the Economy in "Poles Apart", (pp 7-31) are nothing but a tired re-run of the Government's previous attempts to discredit Fightbackl.

There is simply nothing new in the ALP's analysis it is full of the same tired old lies we have had before.

Attached are only some of the many detailed responses made since November 1991.

All the Government's accusations about unfairness have been responded to before.

All the accusations that the Coalition's arithmetic is wrong have been answered before.

All the accusations about GST and inflation have been answered before.

All the accusations about higher taxes have been answered before.

All the claims that sales tax isn't that bad after all have been countered before.

The fact is that there is simply no substance in any of Labor's lies.

"Poles Apart" is a message for the electorate - it is that there will be a tired old re-run of the economic incompetence of the 1980s if the Keating Government is re-elected.

29 September 1992 Gladstone

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