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Keating is wrong on second hand cars!

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The Prime Minister continues to knowingly misrepresent and distort the position of the Coalition on major national issues in the midst of the worst economic crisis in 60 years - the

economic crisis he created and then said we had to have.

Today in Adelaide the Prime Minister has said that the Coalition would "decimate" our motor vehicle industry with used car imports.

Yet, as I stated in a letter to the Motor Trade Association of Australia a few days ago, our policy is simply to leave the

tariff on imported second-hand cars pending the outcome of a review by the Industry Commission (see attached).

I know the Prime Minister never lets truth stand in the way of a good argument - but this is not even a good argument.

The Prime Minister also went on to suggest that "whatever

survived would then have to contend with zero tariffs".

And this is the man who, just two days after Bob Hawke announced his Industry Statement on 12 March 1991, went on the John Laws program and said they intended to remove tariffs "altogether" on both TCP and cars, by the end of this decade.

He is also the man who blasted Senator Button for being a "wimp" on tariffs for not wanting to go as far as he did.

We are now entering one of the most important periods in our history, in the run-up to the most important election since 1949.

It is incumbent on the Prime Minister to deal with issues on the basis of fact, not scare-mongering.

2 October 1992 Canberra

Contact: Hugh Logue (06) 277 4030 D155/92



Deputy Leader of the Opposition

28 September 1992

Mr Michael Delaney Executive Director Motor Trades Association of Australia Ltd PO Box B368


Dear Mr Delaney

Further to my meeting with a delegation from the MTAA on 17

September 1992 and to your letter of 22 September 1992, I confirm it is Coalition policy that, when returned to government, we will refer the matter of the importation of used vehicles to the Industry Commission for report. We have decided that we will not consider any change to the current tariff arrangements relating to the importation of used vehicles without first receiving the views of the Industry Commission.

I understand that the MTAA accepts this position.

Yours sincerely

Peter Reith MP

Parliament House, Canberra, A.C.T. 2600

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