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Dawkins supports a GST

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Treasurer Dawkins reaffirmed today that he would vote for a GST if the Coalition wins the next election.

He is backing up the commitment given yesterday by Prime Minister Keating that the ALP will vote for the GST after the next election.

The ALP strategy reveals the total hypocrisy of their opposition to the GST.

They are arguing that it is a "vile" and "iniquitous" tax but nonetheless they are quite prepared to vote for it.

This reveals that their GST scare campaign is nothing more than a cynical exercise. Obviously, Mr Keating has never changed from his position of whole-hearted support for the GST that he gave in 1985.

Mr Dawkins revealed the hollowness of their scare campaign on ABC radio this morning. He said of the GST:

"unfair" "awful pain and the awful effects of the GST" "hideous reality" "all of the pain, all of the inequity" "all the turmoil" "terribly regressive" "terribly damaging tax".

If Mr Dawkins really believes all of this, how can he possibly vote for a GST? The answer is simply that he believes none of it.

His words this morning were simply part of a cynical scare campaign to win votes.

6 November 1992 Canberra

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