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The Prime Minister's predictable response

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The Prime Minister's comments about Dr Hewson today had the unmistakable air of political desperation about them.

Mr Keating's criticism of the Opposition Leader was notable for its predicability more than anything else.

It is absolutely extraordinary that Paul Keating, of all people, should publicly question anybody else's credibility. Mr Keating has made deceiving the Australian people an art form.

He kept them in the dark about the Kirribilli House agreement over the very leadership of this country.

Before the last election, Mr Keating not only told the Australian people there wouldn't be a recession, but he promised that he would not let there be a recession.

After the election of course, it became "the recession we had to have" and only a few weeks ago - with unemployment still hovering around 11 per cent - Mr Keating reached new heights of hyperbole when he declared "the recession was over long ago".

If you include the forecasts in both O n e Nation' and the Budget, it is clear that Prime Minister Keating does not have a credible leg to stand on. |

To say that the Coalition is comfortable to go to an election on the issue of credibility is an understatement.

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