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Keating piggery hyopocrisy on payroll tax

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Today's report in the Sydney Morning Herald that Mr Keating's Parkville piggery will receive a $600,000 payroll tax concession from the NSW Government highlights Mr Keating's utter hypocrisy on payroll tax.

Why is it all right for Mr Keating's piggery to get a payroll tax concession when so many other companies have to pay it. The point is that no one should pay this tax on employment.

Payroll tax should be abolished and that is what Fightback! proposes. It would mean more jobs and less unemployment. There is no argument.

Mr Keating's hypocrisy is heightened by what he had to say in 1977. It is reported that:

[Shadow Minister for Minerals and Energy,

Mr Paul Keating] "said Labor would solve the immediate problem of unemployment 'by taking at least 150,000 to 200,000 people off the dole queue' with its reduction in payroll tax ..."

If Mr Keating wants to do something about jobs, why doesn't he start by abolishing payroll tax.

16 June 1992 Sydney

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