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Reviving the industry carcass

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Media Release

Tati McLachlan

Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce




It is a pathetic sight to see P J Keating, the executioner, vainly trying to put blood into the corpse of the Australian economy, Ian McLachlan, Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce said today.

Commenting on the rising number of jobless, Mr McLachlan said:

'Government policy is in disarray and industry and commerce in a state of terrible uncertainty.

'As well, the Government is considering "new" depreciation arrangements when on the eve of Christmas, it introduced a Bill to Parliament on this very matter which has not even been debated.'

Mr McLachlan said another example of this indecision is the present anti-dumping arrangements, where the Government originally proposed a total of 370 days, negotiated this back to 295, then changed it again to 255 days.

'Now, it is proposing 245 days. This is still not good enough.' - : : : -

The Coalition has recognised that efficient and effective anti-dumping arrangements offer a stimulus for investment and this week announced, following a thorough review, a new policy which would reduce the total time for an anti-dumping action by nearly 100 days to 155 days in all.

'This morning, we have Minister Button publicly favouring measures to promote private investment, while at the same time, the Minister for Finance, Mr Willis, is backing a big-dollar public spending plan.

'Sadly there are only losers in this latest shambles - business whose confidence is comatose and those million Australians looking for work.

Further information:

Ian McLachlan Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce Telephone: 08 2377140 16 January 1992




Labor (after 5 December 1991 Statem ent)

Prime facie hearing (ACS) 25 days Preliminary (ACS) 1-00 days (after which provisional measures can be imposed) Final (ADA) 120 days

Total 245 days


"Case to Answer" (ACS) 5 days Preliminary (ACS/ADA) 60 days (after which provisional m easures can be imposed) Final (ACS/ADA) 90 days

Total 155 days

Sunset = 5 years with reviews prior to term ination o f duties Sunset = 5 years with review s orior to expiry of duties

'Material Injury1 test perceived as too harsh Make it clear we will not tolerate unfair practices and decimation o f local industry and to achieve this will impose a less severe material injury test

Commitment to allocate additional resources to ADA and Customs. Expand operations of Customs Business Liaison U nit

Will provide adequate hum an and capital resources by reallocating sta ff and funds at no net budget cost

Major stumbling block to speedy investigations is lack of procedures for swapping of confidential data. However Customs now given powers to verify claims and use confidential information not provided by applicants

Will establish a procedure for representatives of principals to exchange confidential statistical data .

ACS conducts prima facie and prelim inary, inquiries, ADA final inquiry, operation of ADA extended until 2001

Functions of ADA and ACS to be redefined so that parallel inquiries operate assessing injuiy and price data, with ADA responsible for the former and ACS the latter