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Illegals must be found

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Philip Ruddock MP


Federal Member for Dundas Shadow Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

Electorate Parliament House

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It is curious that publishing the names of illegal entrants has caused such anguish to some.

While not the most desirable nor effective way of dealing with the ongoing problem of illegal entrants, these people are breaking the law.

The Government of the day must be seen to be in control of who can and who can not reside in Australia on a permanent basis. This government's record to date gives the Australian community no confidence that this is in fact the case.

According to the Government's estimates, some 78,000 people are in this country illegally. The Coalition believes that this figure is closer to 120,000.

The Minister has consistently ignored frequent suggestions from the Opposition in relation to action which could be taken to address the significant and growing problem of illegal entrants.

We have proposed, cutting off income support for illegal entrants and imposing sanctions on employers who knowingly engage illegal entrants. This can easily be addressed by ensuring that they do not have access to tax file numbers.

The issue of illegal workers cannot be addressed while the Government continues to issue authority to work in the form of tax file numbers.

Despite the draconian action of publishing lists of illegals in an effort to "flush them out", Australia is still faced with a significant and largely unaddressed problem.

8 September 1992