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Keating has a bad case of Canberra disease

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Federal M ember for Dundas Shadow Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs LIBERAL CANDIDATE FOR BEROWRA

12 October 1992



The Prime Minister, Paul Keating said in Parliament last week that "technically" the recession was over. Liberal Candidate for Berowra, Philip Ruddock knows otherwise.

Many businesses in our local area have gone broke, a direct result of the impact of the "recession we had to have". Accountants in the area talk of the problems that local businesses have faced as a result of the unreasonably high taxation requirements and the lowering in the level of demand for

the goods and services that local business provides due to a reduction in people's willingness to spend.

"In the Hornsby area for example, you only need to drive through the Hornsby Industrial area, in streets like Leighton Place and Salisbury Road for example, and count the number of factories which are for lease, sale or mortgagee sale. The numbers of empty factories in our area is appalling", Philip Ruddock said.

Empty factories also means less jobs for local residents.

Under the Hewson Fightback! Plan, businesses will be relieved of much of the heavy tax burden that they now carry. The petrol tax will be abolished, saving 26 cents a litre on business use. Six other taxes will be abolished, including wholesale sales tax, payroll tax and the training levy. There will be big capital gains relief for small business.

"Overall, it will be a simpler, fairer tax system", continued Philip Ruddock.

In addition to changes in the tax system, a Hewson Liberal Government will abolish compulsory unionism and reduce the power of the unions. Under our new industrial relations system, outsiders won't be running your business. You and your workers will be able to make your own

arrangements or work by the award - it will be your choice.

"The Hewson Fightback plan for business is fair. It will bring back incentives. It will get Governments, unions and form filling-off the backs of our local businesses", said Philip Ruddock. For further information on Fightback! and Business, please call the Fightback Information Office on 477 5806 (Fax: 477 6050).


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