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Ruddock astounded by Labor waste

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15 October 1992 REF:



Liberal Candidate for Berowra, Philip Ruddock MP is astonished by the most recent findings of the Coalition's Wastewatch Committee, chaired by Senator Paul Calvert.

"It is important that residents are aware of the way in which Prime Minister Keating and his off- siders are wasting taxpayers money, while expecting the average Australian to grin and bear the worst recession in over sixty years", Philip Ruddock said.

Recent findings reveal:

* Almost $100,000 has been spent on providing Department of Social Security Staff with a uniform, and this is even before the uniforms are manufactured!! (For exmaple, money has been spent on a salary for the National Co-ordinator, travel costs, travel costs for the steering committee, and printing costs for the catalogue and order forms.)

* Ongoing bills of the ex-Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, for storing of his personal furniture whilst renovations are being completed on his Sydney mansion (at this stage it has totalled approximately $6,000)

* While thousands of Australians are trying to put a roof over their head Mr Keating has blown $68,865 on architectural and building services technical advice in relation to Kirribilli House and the Lodge. This is coupled with last year's expenditure on similar advice to Bob Hawke totalling $96,790. This means that in only two years, Mr Hawke and Mr Keating have spent $165,655 on this technical advice.

* In addition, the staff in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet sound like they are resorting to health programs (at the taxpayers expense) to try and relieve the stresses of their demanding jobs. $8,100 was expended on health and fitness programs for staff. These included a yoga workshop and a basic massage workshop.

"It appears that the Prime Minister's Department is the only area of Australia which has been spared the ravages of the recession. It is a great pity that Mr Keating could not be more judicious over his Department's activities and set an example", Philip Ruddock said.

"The saddest part is that the taxpayer - you and I - continue to have to foot the bill for expenditure by the Government which cannot be justified in this recession or at any other time", Philip Ruddock concluded.