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New Year's message: Ruddock

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MEDIA STATEMENT Philip Ruddock MP Federal M ember for Dundas Electorate

Shadow Minister for Immigration Tel: (02) 858 1011

and Ethnic Affairs Fax: (02) 804 6739

2 January 1992



"I hope that all Dundas constituents have had a very peaceful and happy festive season", Philip Ruddock said. "I wish to advise that my office remains open for any constituent enquiries. I understand that there has been some confusion as to whether my office is open since the recent announcement by the augmented Electoral Commission about the change to local Electoral Boundaries. My office will be open to Dundas constituents right up until the next Federal election. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 858 1011 with any constituent enquiries."

It is important that we reflect on the importance of 1992.

The New Year is a good opportunity to make that new commitment - to join together and rebuild our great nation. It can only be through a united effort at all levels of our society that adequate and sustainable change can be ensured. 1992 is the year to face up to the reality of our circumstances.

1992 is the year to recognise that substantial and, in some cases, difficult change is required if we are to reach our potential as a nation.

As a nation with a wealth of resources and talents, we can build a prosperous and cohesive society. We can have world-class industries, schools, and health care. We can have an ecologically sustainable environment. We can emerge as the envy of the Asia Pacific region, not only in our standards of living, but also in terms of influence. But only if we have the courage to change.

"On behalf of the Federal Coalition team, I know we can do it. The only limits to our potential as a nation are in our attitudes, our imagination, our willingness to rise to the task at hand and our faith in ourselves."

"The FIGHTBACK! package, released at the end of last year is the Coalition's comprehensive reform blueprint for Australia. I have heard on many occasions the desire of local residents to see this package implemented as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to do so until after the next election when we are elected to Government. We look forward to having the opportunity to give Australia a fresh start after the next election, through the implementation of this package, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Parliament House Tel: (06) 277 4343 Fax: (06) 277 2062


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