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Clandestine arrivals likely to increase

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The Australian Customs Service Report on the arrival of an illegal entrant vessel on the coast of Western Australia in January this year sounds a major warning.

" is clear that there are no reasons for immigration or quarantine officials to conclude the threat of SIEV arrivals onto the Australian coast will diminish over the foreseeable future. Indeed they believe it more likely arrivals will increase".

The fundamental causes for the foreshadowed increase of arrivals of more boat people will, to a large degree result from the circumstances in many of the countries in our region which cause people to flee.

But it also reflects the expectations of those who seek to come here, and the perception they have formed about Australia's ability, not only to detect entry and landing, but the subsequent failure of Australian authorities to deport those who have no bona-fide claims.

While the report is silent on these matters, the statement, "For immigration officials the sensitivities of the illegal landing is well known", is clearly bureaucratic shorthand condemning the Government's failure to reform the refugee determination process; to provide adequate and properly directed resources for testing asylum claims; and to remove from Australia (deport) those who seek to manipulate our compassion by feigning refugee


27 February 1992