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Philip Ruddock MP b l

Federal M ember for D undas Shadow M inister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

Tel: (02) 858 1011 Fax: (02) 804 6739

Electorate Parliam ent H ouse

Tel: (06) 277 4343 Fax: (06) 277 2062 22 May 1992


Shadow Minister for Immigration & Ethnic Affairs, Philip Ruddock and Liberal Party Whip Bob Halverson, visited Cambodia between 18-21 May. ^

They talked with most significant Cambodian and U.N. personnel. These included a call on Prince Sihanouk; Prime Minister Hun Sen of the State of Cambodia; His Excellency Son Sann, Leader of the KLPNF; and Prince Sirivuddah on behalf of Funcinpec. They also met with UNTAC leaders SRSG Akhasi and Lt. Gen. Sanderson, as well as most of the UNTAC component


In addition discussion took place with most of the senior representatives of the major NGO's and U.N. agencies.

More importantly, they visited Kompong Thom Provincial Capital and Province and a resettlement site in the Province of Kompong Speu.

On 18 May, with a team of Australian officials and U.N. personnel/ they drove 40 kms up Route 12# to the scene of recent clashes between forces of the State of Cambodia and the NADK forces (Khmer Rouge). They also visited a site of

temporary accommodation for many thousands of internally displaced people, while Kompong Thom has been the scene of a number of serious breaks in the ceasefire recently the journey and the route to the North were quiet and the ceasefire appeared to be in operation.

The more difficult cantonment process of various forces is to begin in several weeks. Kompong Thom Province has been important because of the coincident meeting of supply routes for the Khmer Rouge and the State of Cambodia for their

respective forces and controlled areas.

The visit to Kompong Speu enabled the visiting party to see the arrangements for, and speak with# returnees from the Thai/Cambodian border. It was apparent that relocation of some 100 families had been completed successfully with the great majority now moving from the resettlement site to rejoin

families in the region.



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Mr Ruddock and Mr Halverson both spoke at length with representatives of the Australian contingent both In the field and at their headquarters. They were particularly impressed with their commitment and professional approach totheir very difficult task.

in discussions with the parties a number of themes were explored including voting entitlements for overseas Khmer and Vietnamese in forthcoming elections; progress in the implementation of the peace plan; arrangements to ensure protection of human rights; and the repatriation of displaced Khmer from Thailand and abroad*