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Pensioners will be better off under Coalition health policy

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Media Release Dr'Bob Woods Shadow Minister for Health no: 57


Pensioners will etyoy better health services under a Coalition Government Federal Shadow Minister for Health Dr Bob Woods said today.

" Scaremongering by the Government over the effects of Coalition policy is simply yet another attempt to detract attention away from its own abysmal management of the economy 1 1 said Dr Woods.

It is simply a regurgitation of the same old Labor lies.

The facts are simple: Under a Coalition Government pensioners will have a choice about the health care system they want.

If they choose, they will still have access to the free public system and as a result of Coalition reform, it will free of the horrendous waiting lists which currently plague it. If they choose to take out private health insurance aged pensioner couples will receive $800 each and every year towards the cost of their private health insurance.

In contrast under the current Government, pensioners not only have to languish on waiting lists for up to two years, but the option of private health insurance is beyond the means of the vast majority of them.

Pensioners will still have access to totally free bulk billed medical services.

In addition to this aged people who currently receive no financial benefits from the Government will be issued with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Concession Card which entitles them to pharmaceutical drugs at the lower concession rate. This is worth an

average of $5 a week. ·

Cheap political point scoring which does little but scare the sick and the elderly should be treated with the contempt that it deserves. Perhaps the Prime Minister's time might be better spent addressing the growing rebellion amongst the States about the inadequate and pathetic health package offered in this year's budget".

21st August 1992 COMMONWEALTH


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