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Prime Minister attacks Woods' child care guide

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JL, MEDIA RELEASE DR BOB WOODS ยท " Shadow Minister for Heaith .


The Prime Minister's Question Time attack today on the Inner West child care guide of Dr Bob Woods, Federal MP for Lowe in Sydney's Inner West and Shadow Health Minister, is alarmingly insensitive to the needs of the Inner West and shows how out of touch Keating is from the grass roots of Australia.

"In a recent redistribution, the suburb of Greenacre ~ which was formerly in the Prime Minister's electorate - came into Lowe, which I am proud to represent. I recently held a 'street office' In Greenacre and met with dozens of my new constituents. They told me that they had never seen Mr Keating In the 20 years that he was their MP, That is a sad indictment of Keating's performance for his constituents.

"It is absolute arrogance for the Prime Minister to say that a Member of Parliament is wrong to provide a free-of-charge, community service at his own expense to the Inner West's residents," Dr Woods said.

"As a parent who talks to many other parents and community groups, I have long been concerned about the growing need for quality child care in the Inner West and I have done something positive about it with a guide that answers parents' basic questions. If this is a crime in the mind cf the Prime Minister, I plead guilty.

"I have always believed that a Member of Parliament's duty is to provide service and Information to the people she or he was entrusted to represent. In Question Time today, the Prime Minister showed that he does not share my commitment to people and their needs.

"Australians are disgusted with the old fashioned, elitist and secretive style of politics that the Prime Minister particularly typifies. They want Members of Parliament who are accessible, helpful and local. My record shows that I try to do all those things for my community, no matter the persona! reprecussions or party

political questions.

"In fact, I am currently making representations for somff of Mr Keating's constituents because he is unavailable to them. I am glad to bring them the service they deserve and the Prime Minister neglects to give them


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keeling attack on child care guide, p.2

"I call on the Prime Minister to actually spend more than 5 minutes in the western suburbs of Sydney and rediscover the community whose needs he now insults. I would be happy to give him a Gregory's," Dr Woods said.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: DR BOB WOODS 06 277 4661 (15 September 1992)