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Evans questioned over "Embassy"

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Foreign Minister Senator Gareth Evans has been caught out over the use of the Australian Ambassador's residence in Fiji for filming of the television series "Embassy", the Acting Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator Baden Teague said today.

"At a press conference in Fiji the Minister admitted to knowing nothing of the matter until only a short time before. How can this be, when this program has been such a sensitive matter?" Senator Teague asked.

"If it was not the Minister, who was it in his department that gave approval for this use of an Australian diplomatic property, and why?

"Is the ABC making any payment for using the premises?

"How does this fit with the Australian Government's attempts to distance itself from the program?

"For the Australian Government in this way to support the production of a program which has offended one of our ASEAN neighbours, it will be difficult for the Minister to maintain he has clean hands in the matter."

5 February 1992

For further information contact Senator Teague on (08) 294 9299