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Dawkins stalked by the ghost of Khemlani

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Senator Jim Short

SMF 98/92


I f Treasurer Dawkins refuses to appear before the Senate inquiry into the Victorian Loans Affair, it w ill raise inevitable suspicion that the Keating Labor Government is attempting a massive cover-up. -

Despite repeated questioning in the Parliament during the course of the past week, Dawkins has consistently avoided giving a straight answer about whether he w ill appear if summoned by the Senate Select Committee.

Claims by Dawkins and Keating that they must maintain confidentiality are exactly the same as those used during Labor's vain cover-up attempts during the Khemlani loan scandal of 1975, which led directly to the downfall of the Whitlam Government.

The ghost of Khemlani is stalking Treasurer Dawkins.

One can't help drawing comparisons w ith the WA Inc scandal.

Speaking today in the Treasurer's home state of Western Australia, Senator Jim Short said: "If Treasurer Dawkins has any regard at all for the need for trust and confidence in Australia's financial institutions, it is incumbent on him to appear before the Senate Select Committee to

explain his role in the Loan Council affair."

Perth 6 November 1992

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