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Keating main impediment to recovery

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Senator Jim Short Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Minister for Finance & Assisting the Leader on Commonwealth/State Relations

SMF 102/92


Business and consumer confidence in the Australian economy will not return until Paul Keating is thrown out of office.

Any reasoned and sober evaluation of our current economic malaise comes to ftie inevitable conclusion that the Prime Minister is the main obstacle to recovery.

Keating's call for "optimism" has a ring of unreality.

Coming from the person directly responsible, first as Treasurer and now as Prime Minister, for Australia's economic chaos, it is simply too much to swallow.

Keating's parliam entary theatrics cannot hide the record 11.3% unemployment, a bulging Budget deficit, stagnant retail sales and over $150 billion of foreign debt.

No investor in his or her right mind is going to make any major commitment while this discredited Labor Government remains. ·

And consumers are voting by keeping their money in their pockets.

The verdict of most respected commentators today is that the Keating Government is incapable of any long-term resolution of this crisis.

Certainly Labor is unable to offer a viable alternative to the Coalition's

comprehensive program for recovery.

Instead Keating and Dawkins are throwing tens of millions of dollars at the problem in a last desperate attem pt to win back electoral support.

But it's the end of the line for Labor.

It's time· for change.

Canberra .

13 November 1992

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