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Tim Fischer mr Federal Member for Farrer

Leader of the National Party of Australia

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources


6 November 1992

Hr Fischer HP, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, and Leader of the National Party, congratulated the Manildra Group for having the foresight, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the environmental good corporate citizenship, to develop the ethanol plant.

Speaking at Manildra's new ethanol plant in Nowra today, Mr Fischer emphasised that, "to date, this plant has been developed on a purely commercial basis without any Government handout.

"In fact, it has been developed despite the enormous cost impost of our current taxation and "Big-Government" system on Australian business.

"Senator Button's department has estimated that this impost amounts to a 5% tilt of the playing field against our export industries (and industries competing on international markets as ethanol must do to be competitive with oil prices).

"Just imagine how many more new industries will be able to

flourish with the cost reductions offered by 'Fightback!'

"Just imagine how many new jobs these flourishing new industries will create.

"You can see why Australia will be so much better off under

'Fightback!' .



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Ethanol is a fuel additive that greatly reduces vehicle


It is a renewable fuel derived from crops such as wheat, corn and sugar cane. In the future it may be derived from waste


In the USA, Gasohol has been sold for 15 years. It is a 10% mix of ethanol in petrol. 9% of all petrol sold in the USA is


The quantity sold in the USA is expected to double by the year 2000 because of their clean air acts

Gasohol has significant benefits for Australia:

- environmentally friendly - major reduction in vehicle pollution

- Increased wheat sales (the Nowra plant will use

100,000 tonnes per year)

- reduced oil imports (the Nowra plant will save $5.4

million in oil imports per year)

Value adding in Australia

The Nowra plant will increase wheat protein exports by $17 million per year "S'

in the future the use of gasohol may:

reduce oil imports by up to $54 million/year

improve the profitability of the forest industry

provide a new market for sugar cane

provide jobs in country areas - ethanol plants would be set up in towns in the wheat belt, and

in sugar cane and forest industry areas.