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Fischer Warns: Labor Expands Sales Tax

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New Sales Tax laws will expand the 20% Sales Tax to include one category of farm trucks and mav even hit hats.

Federal Leader of the National Party, Tim Fischer, said this today when officially opening the 1992 New South Wales National Party Annual Conference at Port Macquarie.

"Keating and the Labor Government have stumbled badly again with a huge package of revised legislation at the end of Session, including badly drafted Sales Tax Bills.

"Many farm trucks including farm grain trucks will lose their 20% Sales Tax exemption if they are six wheel bogie drive or six wheel with two rear drive axles.

"These efficient vehicles will carry a massive 20% Sales Tax slug which will lead to distortion and extra costs".

"The legislation still before the Parliament will maintain the massive overall Sales Tax slug on exports and the Coalition will continue to oppose the legislation at every stage, as it is complex, clumsy and a backdoor secretive Consumption Tax without any offsets.

"The only real solution is to go the Coalition's "Fightback!" route and abolish Sales Tax and Fuel Excise and Payroll Taxes, along with zero rating all exports from GST!

Under the new legislation a complex definition change could leave hats in the ring with a 20% Sales Tax slug".

"As Peter Reith points out, there are changes buried in the legislative items which leave hats stranded in the unreliable route of bureaucratic interpretation and definition.

"Akubra Hat Factory on the North C oalt of NSW at Kempsey would be hit hard. The growing campaign to wear hats to prevent skin cancer would be sabotaged."

Mr Fischer said the National Party stands ready for Government, ready to win seats from Labor to ensure Keating is driven out of his job so that a million unemployed will have an opportunity to get a job.

ends 19 June 1992