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Tim Fischer Opens Parkes Show Recession Bites Hard on Families

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Federal Leader of the National Party, Tim Fischer MP said today that 'the show must go on' even when the economic recession is biting deeply into business, farming and even families.

Mr Fischer was officially opening the Parkes Show.

"I pay tribute to the men and women of the Parkes area for their resilient spirit and their recognition that the 'shop window' afforded by the local show must be kept going as it spells out to others that they are still in business and proud of the fact.

"Despite this, underlying everything is the personal hardship being experienced by many. Towns people have to think hard about the expense involved for a family outing at the show. For many farmers, it is a toss up between fuel for the tractor or a visit to the show.

"At least I bring good news in that the cost of transport will be very much cheaper when the Coalition comes into Government in Canberra. Under Fightback!, the cost of filling the average medium sized car's fuel tank will, on today's values be some

$11.40 cheaper.


"In my extensive travels across Australia I have been able to look at the 'broad picture' of what is happening to country areas. What stands out is that country youth are particularly being 'crunched' in this recession we did not have to have.

"The general picture is one of extreme pressure on country small business and farming with a large number of closures and sell offs. This has placed a lot of people out of work and certainly for school leavers, little opportunity to join the work force.

"Whilst the Labor Government talks a lot about further training, the situation in country Australia is that most people have to move away from home to take up training positions."

Mr Fischer said there has been a major contraction of higher education facilities through amalgamation and from CAEs climbing the pole to become lofty universities.

"The Federal Coalition will address this situation through greatly improved Austudy provisions and resistance to forced amalgamations of tertiary institutions, as practiced by the Federal Labor Government.



1 September 1992