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One Nation: Two Economies Northern economy vs stagnant southern economy

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Northern economy vs. stagnant southern economy

"Unemployment figures released today show a growing gap between the economies of Queensland and New South Wales on the one hand and the economies of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania on the other."

Federal Leader of the National Party, Tim Fischer, said this today highlighting that the economy is now sharply divided between the north and the four southern states; rural Australia is particularly in deep recession.

"The boundary is difficult to detail but seems to stretch from Wollongong to Albury then to Alice Springs and Broome. North of this boundary, particularly in New South Wales and Queensland, there are less unemployed per thousand. South of this boundary,

especially in Victoria and South Australia, there is now an unemployment rate of significantly more than 11%.

"Youth unemployment in Victoria is nearly 45% and the male unemployment rate is 12.3%. It is almost as if the Murray River has now become the economic divide.

"The record retention levels in secondary schools this year are another factor to be taken into account; certainly there can be no lessening of effort with regard to the unemployment problem and the need to abolish all payroll tax as an absolute priority."

Mr Fischer added that come June it would be a Winter of economic discontent right across the four southern states as 'One Nation' fails to bite and unemployment remains far too high.

9 April 1992

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