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Fightback! is about industry assistance and jobs: Tim Fischer

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Tim Fischer mp Federal Member for Farrer ^

Leader of the National Party of Australia

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources


Federal Leader of the National Party, Tim Fischer said today that Australian industry will get a real boost from, the Coalition's Fightbackl Package, something that they won't get from Labor's distorted economic policies.

Speaking during a visit to the New England region, Mr Fischer said the Labor Government's distorted tariff reform policy will virtually lead to the closing down of a significant area of Australian Industry. _

"Because Labor is not prepared to address simultaneously the massive structural reforms that are dragging Australian Industry down and creating massive unemployment whilst at the same time reducing tariffs, the distortion thus created will destroy

industry and jobs.

"The distortions I speak of include the massive $185 billion overseas debt, huge costs from massive Government spending, High taxes, including a Wholesale Sales Tax that penalises exports 5% of value, the inefficient transport and waterfront sectors arid rigid wage fixing and employment arrangements.

"To reduce tariffs without simultaneously reducing these huge costs will topple many industries that have for a long time enjoyed tariff support.

"The fact that tariffs do not create jobs is now becoming painfully clear. Indeed the most heavily protected Textile, Clothing and Footwear Industries suffered the highest levels of job losses whilst being protected than other industries.

Mr Fischer said the Fightbackl Package addresses at the one time both tariff reduction and cost removal including massive reductions in the cost of fuel.

"The Labor Government has poised industry on a sharp pinnacle of massive costs and intends removing the hand rail. The result can only be disaster. The Coalition will lower the pinnacle to as near a zero level as possible whilst lowering the tariff hand

rail to negligible levels.



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