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Northern Australia wins more fightback benefits

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Senator Grant Tambling Shadow Minister for Community Services, External Territories and Northern Australia

Media Release


Families, business people and job seekers in Northern Australia stand to gain from today's new Fightbackl initiatives, according to Senator Grant Tambling.

Senator Tambling, the Shadow Minister for Northern Australia, says the initiatives enhance the Federal Coalition's existing commitments, particularly to lower transport costs and tax cuts.

"Now, people in Northern Auotralia can look forward to the earlier payment of family allowance, pension and compensation increases as well as GST exemptions for food and child care.

"Businesses, too, can plan for generous depreciation allowances.

"Our commitment to fast-tracking approval processes will streamline development and bring back investors to the north.

"Basically, Fightbackl is the key to restoring business and consumer confidence, boosting job opportunities and giving people a fair go ."

Senator Tambling says the deterioration of the economy over the last 12 months has revealed Labor's incompetence and lack of foresight.

“The growing fear of unemployment combined with the increasing financial burden on families has strengthened our resolve to turn this country around.

“I am pleased that the concerns, priorities and suggestions put to me by people throughout1 Northern Australia have contributed to the development of the new Fightbackl initiatives."

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